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What are Fractional Shares?
What are Fractional Shares?

Fractional actions in Hapi: Invest in any stock you want

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With Fractional shares you can trade a piece or fraction of a share in a company or ETF. In Hapi this allows you to acquire only a fraction of a share or ETF by selecting the amount you want to invest with a minimum of $5 dollars (please take into account the clearing fee).

Why offer fractional shares?

Our mission is to generate wealth in LATAM by democratizing the access to the stock market, our fractional shares tool provides investment opportunities to people who otherwise might not have been able to access.

With fractional shares you can invest in certain ETFs or stocks that might cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for a single share, with only $ 5 dollars (take into account the clearing fee). This gives you the flexibility to invest as much as you decide in the companies or ETFs you believe in.

Fractional stocks also allow investors to manage risk more conveniently, by not having to invest a full share you can diversify your portfolio with smaller amounts of money among more assets.

How to buy fractional shares?

Orders in Hapi can be made by selecting the number of shares you want to buy or by selecting the amount of dollars you want to invest.

To trade fractional shares, select the option to buy in dollars or sell in dollars as the case may be; this can be found when buying or selling in the top right of the screen selecting the change Order Type button.

Fractional Shares Available

The majority of stocks with a value above $5 and a market capitalization greater than $25 million are eligible for fractional shares. If a stock is not available to trade in fractions, the trade in dollars option will not be available at the time of making the transaction.

Where can I find my dividends?

Dividends will be paid to shareholders when applicable and according to the proportion of the share they have, rounded to the nearest cent. Payment of dividends on fractional shares may be made towards the end of the day on which they are paid.

Do you have any additional questions about fractional shares? You can contact our support team here. We're here to help!

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