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What are recurring investments?
What are recurring investments?

Recurring investments in Hapi

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What are recurring investments?

Recurring investments in Hapi allow you to automatically invest in stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. This option enables you to schedule buy or sell orders automatically, customizing the frequency, amount, and time period in which you want these transactions to be executed. This facilitates the automation and customization of your investment strategy according to your financial goals.

How do recurring investments work?

For example, you can set up a recurring investment to buy $20 worth of the "HAPIS" stock every Friday for the next 10 weeks. This way, you don't need to log into the platform weekly to make the purchase, as the transactions will occur automatically. This allows you to average prices and execute a more planned investment strategy without the need for daily intervention.

What are recurring investments for?

  • ⏱ Greater Flexibility: Decide when and how orders will be executed, adapting them to your investment style (daily, weekly, monthly). You are in control.

  • 📅 Planning investments and saving time: Establish long-term strategies and execute operations systematically without the need to log in daily or constantly monitor the market.

  • 💰 Averaging Prices: Take advantage of the "dollar-cost averaging" strategy by automatically investing at different market times.

How do I create a recurring investment or order?

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the details of the stock you want to invest in.

  2. In the top right corner, select "Order Types" and choose "Recurring Investments".

  3. Select the frequency and follow the steps to define the amount, period, and number of repetitions.

  4. Confirm the order.

✍️ Note: You can schedule a recurring investment by dollar amount or number of shares.

Order confirmation details:

Order Balance:

  • Est. Price: Average price of the stock when placing the recurring investment.

  • Amount/Shares per Transaction: Amount or Shares to invest in each repetition (e.g., US $10 or 2 shares).

  • Fee per Transaction: Commission to be paid in each repetition (e.g., US $0.15).

  • Total est. per operation: Amount per transaction plus the fee (e.g., US $10.15).

  • Est. total: Amount plus the fee per transaction multiplied by the number of repetitions (e.g., US $101.5 for 10 repetitions).

  • Total Invested: Sum of the amount plus the fee per transaction up to the moment (e.g., US $30.45 for 3/10 repetitions).

How do recurring investments work with my buying power?

When scheduling a recurring investment, the total amount of the order is reserved from your buying power to ensure its execution. This includes the set quantity with the operation fee multiplied by the number of scheduled repetitions.

Why was my recurring investment paused or skipped?

  • Paused or canceled order: If you pause or cancel the order, it will not be executed.

  • Recurring stock purchase: The total investment amount is set with an estimated based on the current value of the stock; if it increases, the order will be executed up to the buying power limit and then it will be canceled.

  • Recurring cryptocurrency purchase: The cryptocurrency price is set with an estimated value based on the current value; if it increases, the order be executed up to the buying power limit and then it will be canceled.

How to edit or cancel a recurring investment or order?

  • Edit: Once a recurring investment order is placed, it is not possible to edit the established conditions.

  • Pause: Go to the order details and click on "Pause Order". The order will be paused until you select "Resume" or "Cancel".

  • Cancel: In the order details, click on "Cancel Order" and confirm your selection. The pending balance will be added to your buying power.

Are all assets on Hapi eligible for recurring investments?

Yes, you can make recurring investments with all the assets available on Hapi.

You can contact our support team here. We're here to help!

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